Are you planning to buy Viking shield online but the prices are way too high? Indeed, the prices of medieval products are high but what if you buy these products directly from their manufacturer? Not only the prices will be lesser but the quality will be much higher.

Annafi the renowned brand and manufacturer of medieval goods is here for you to provide the best quality products under unmatchable price deals that you cannot resist.

The products are closely carved by the sculptors to give an unmatchable look. We are known for our extraordinary work on every nuance. Annafi’s products is a great example of mind-blowing craftsmanship and quality.

What is Viking Shield? | All you need to know

In the Viking age, fighting men in wars used large, round, wooden or steel shields gripped in the center from behind. The shields worked as an additional protection while fighting.

Typical Viking shields were 80-90cm (32-36 inches) in diameter. Some were larger or smaller, such as the Gokstad shields, which were 94cm (37in) across. Based on surviving remnants, some shields appear to have been as small as 70cm (28in) in diameter. Presumably, when a man-made a shield for himself, he sized it to fit his body size and fighting style.

A Viking shield was needed to be big enough to provide the desired protection but no bigger to cause inconvenience. A shield too small exposes more than needed lines of attack that an opponent might get a chance to exploit, while a shield too large slows the defensive responses and exhausts the fighter unnecessarily.

Annafi’s Viking Shield | Best in Market

Annafi International has been a trust feeling for thousands of customers around the world. Being in the market for almost 2 decades now, we have earned customer’s loyalty now. And at the same time, the professionals working at Annafi, work for the best.

We have put the best workforce and premium quality materials in making the finest medieval products, only for you. Every product is carved, handcrafted and designed keeping in mind the historic accuracy.

The sturdy products that are made up of robust raw materials give feelings of positive pride and excitement. Our production house is continuously striving to bring out the best for you.

Talking about the Viking shield, which you might here for, the diverse Viking shield designs offer variation in design and styles. This variety is provided to satisfy the different tastes of our clients.

Viking Shield manufactured by Annafi is perfect for full functionality and specially designed with good grip so there will be no discomfort disturbing your indestructible look.

These shields are the perfect blend of medieval and modern times. Without distorting its historic specifications, we have successfully given it a modern style. Made with genuine material, the shields will go with your interior home design.

What we offer:

Quality Assurance: 14 g Iron Steel. Handmade Medieval Weapon need of every Viking Warrior Knight. You will get the guaranteed fine quality. The iron used is pre-oiled which avoid future rusting.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We provide Full 30 Days Money Back Guarantee for any Manufacturing Defect. So Buy with Confidence.

Multi-purpose use: The Shield Can also be used in Plays, Larp, Halloween Dramas as an attractive part of Greek and Roman Clothing. One can Gift it to her Boyfriend, Husband, Father, Son, Brother or anyone else on his Birthday, Anniversary or any other Special Occasion.

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